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    Spinsterstraat Ronse, Belgium
    2010 – 2012
    Chalk drawings

    Invited by the city of Ronse, I made chalk drawings in/around the Spinsterstraat in the Prinskouter area. Locations, amongst others: on and inside working class houses / football field / exterior and interior of Moroccan teahouse / tower of the archery guild / façade of the Mosque / house in dead-end alley (beluik) / on and inside textile factory / exterior and interior of textile baron’s villa
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    Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro
    2010 – 2011
    Chalk drawings

    Invited by Capacete and Fonds BKVB I have been drawing for 6 months on and around one long street, the Rua Santa Cristina on the Santa Teresa hill. The street runs past colonial homes, shops, an elementary car wash, a long staircase and a favela. The drawing touches on all these social layers.
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    Moscou, Ghent - Belgium
    2007 - 2010
    Chalk drawings on public walls, private homes and interiors (with publication)

    Invited by S.M.A.K., the contemporary art museum in Ghent, I have been working in the working class neighbourhood Moscou (Gent Ledeberg) for several years, drawing throughout the area with blackboard chalk. I began drawing on industrial buildings and walls, without asking permission beforehand. To the people in Moscou I explained that chalk is an easily erasable material that washes away after it has been raining. Slowly, I became a known face in the area and succeeded in shifting the work to the facades and interiors of private homes.

    EN_letter to director SMAK_Ph van Cauteren.pdf
    EN_letter to director Belgian Railways_J Haek.pdf
    NL_brief aan directeur SMAK_Ph van Cauteren.pdf
    NL_brief aan directeur Belgische spoorwegen_J Haek.pdf
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    Oudenaarde, Belgium
    Chalk drawing on church

    Invited by the organisation VersusV I made site specific drawings, as part of a group exhibition. Right before the restoration of the Walburga Church at the central market of Oudenaarde, a drawing of chalk lines frames the sediments (like soot and other pollution) on the building. Where the restoration aims to 'clean' the building, it will also polish away a very thin layer of history. The frame of chalk lines brings a homage to this history, it highlights the unwanted dirt. The drawing is spread over the entire market side of the church.

    NL_brief aan Deken, A Peereboom.pdf
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    Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean
    Chalk drawings on roads, buildings and in private homes

    On Curaçao I worked for five months as the first guest of the new Instituto Buena Bista (IBB / international studio Fonds BKVB, Feb. - June 2007). I made several series of chalk drawings, including a drawing on an old water tower, a drawing on the back of an abandoned colonial building, on the walls of a psychiatric institution and on several roads. Commissioned by the dutch / curaçaoan architect Carlos Weber I made large drawings on the interior of his new residential villa.

Photograph of a drawing by Bart Lodewijks loaded from the Flickr photography service