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    TRACK, S.M.A.K. Ghent, Belgium
    2012, continued in 2013 and onwards
    In March 2011 this drawing started in the Street Without Name in the context of TRACK, a city project by S.M.A.K. Ghent. The drawing is to be continued until all chalk is finished.

    Text NL/EN, Tekeningen Zonder Naam / Drawings Without Name (pdf)

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    The Model, Sligo, Ireland
    2012, 2013, 2014
    3 year drawing commission by The Model, Sligo

    from writing ‘death of a rabbit’: (…) One lady gave me coffee and invited me inside her house to keep warm. She borrowed me a phone. 'The rabbit in the cage outside must be cold,' I said to her. 'I don't like the rabbit,' she said. She went out and found the rabbit dead in the cage. It seems to have nothing to do with drawing, but she told the neighbourhood about the rabbit and my visit. It became a funny story, and my introduction. The death of the rabbit worked well for spreading new drawings, even though people sometimes were suspicious.
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    Festival Canal / Wiels / Brussels, BE
    Drawings around asylum centre Le Petit Château, Brussels, Belgium

    from text ‘Dessin sans papier’: (…) The bricks of Le Petit Château are bruised with carvings and marks. Hundreds of people who came here to seek asylum engraved their names in the stones. I only notice the names at the moment when I start drawing the first line. (…)

    Tekst_NL_Klein_Kasteel (pdf)
    Text _EN_Small_Castle (pdf)
    Texte_FR_Petit_Chateau (pdf)
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    Watertower district of Aalst, Belgium
    2012 - 2013
    Commission by the City of Aalst. Drawing in the mostly unknown working class area around the watertower / Korte Sint Janstraat.

    As a contribution to the Boon Parade in 2012 the street and its drawings were photographed and printed on large banners and carried around town by inhabitants. The stories of Flemish writer Louis Paul Boon are situated in Aalst.
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    Nieuw Texas / Sledderlo, Genk, BE
    2012 – 2013
    Commissioned by the city of GENK and FLACC. Drawing in the New Texas and Sledderlo districts of Genk. Permission of the people in the neighbourhood was countered by the social housing corporation. They intervened in the process with a request to remove the drawings. In the texts on the work, this erasure is linked to the famous “erased De Koonig Drawing”.

    Tekst_NL_Erased_Drawing (pdf)
Photograph of a drawing by Bart Lodewijks loaded from the Flickr photography service